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Jack Eskridge

Blues to jazz

5-Star Amazon Reviews

Excellent! Highly informative and a very effective tool for live performance. -- AussieSteve 6/17/2017

This book is a blast. I'm an old blues/R&B to smooth groove player, and this book gets right down to business and keeps right on going... -- C M Thomes 9/10/2015 a class by itself among music instruction books in its highly professional, crystal clear organization and practical presentation of improvisational music theory... -- Jeff Meilandt 10/31/15

I go through this book with my family and friends - the three string chords are AWESOME! It brings a beginner guitar player like myself to a level where I can jam with serious veterans... -- Han Solo 10/21/2014

...Jack Eskridge is one of the most accomplished guitar teachers in the United States. Decades of knowledge go into his work. This book teaches you many possible examples of passing chords, cycle progressions and harmonic substitutions that happen in blues-based jazz....I was one of Jack's students who was studying with him while he was making this book. If you want to get deeper into blues theory, jazz chords, jazz theory and the ability to play jazz chords quickly...check this book out. -- Brian Bottoms 4/24/2016

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